April 24, 2016

Budget I support = 3.6 percent more money for FCCPS; 2.4 percent more for City Government

Thanks to those of you who are sharing your views on the budget & CIP. In the budget plan I support, FCCPS will receive $1.398 million new dollars for FY16-17. That’s a 3.6 percent increase over FY15-16, well above schools’ enrollment growth from Sept. 2014 to Sept. 2015.

I’m confident that FCCPS can allocate resources in a way that fundamentally preserves the system’s key goals for teacher compensation and class size. It will be necessary to trim some new items for FY16-17 that the Superintendent and the School Board hoped to add, just as the City government is having to trim some of its wants (general govt is getting a 2.4 percent increase for FY16-17).

By holding the tax rate level this year, I see Council as emphasizing the importance of continuing to work to generate new revenues through economic revitalization, and I see us as reserving some taxing capacity to deploy into the large, unknown schools facilities costs looming just ahead — certainly the HS & MS project, and possibly an alternative or supplement to Mt. Daniel, if Fairfax County spurns our expansion plan there.

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